Monday, May 17, 2010

Picture This

It's raining, and very windy, and I'm sitting in a 100 year old Wharf in Walsh Bay
all the windows and panels rattle every time the wind blows
in the distance, I hear *bang* *bang* *bang*
I think "hrmm, windy..."
*bang* *bang* *bang* Hellooooooo
*bang* *bang* *bang* Can somebody help me?
it's distant, I can hardly make out the words
I think, hrmm, whatever, someone trying to get through a door
*bang* *bang* *bang*
I figure, I'll go investigate.
It's a woman's voice, but when I walk to where I thought I heard it, there's nobody there
So I go back to my seat
*bang* *bang* *bang* Helllllpppp
I go over, stand at a set of stairs, and make a throaght clearing noise
Woman yells out, hello? Is somebody there?
I say "Yeah?"
Oh thank god, please help me, I'm locked in the bathroom....
So I go up to the handle, and i say, I'm locked out...
She says, I have the key...
But she's on the inside :P
So I convince her to remove the key from the key ring, and try to give it to me under the door, but if we screw it up it will get stuck half way between her and me, and she's got a long night ahead of her
luckilly, I managed to get the key and let her out
couldn't help but giggle a little to myself

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