Monday, May 3, 2010

LCD Shortcomings

I'm thoroughly impressed with all aspects of my new computer! I've already put about 4TB worth of data on to it, and have roughly 6TB of free space now (much better than the < 10gb I had two days ago.

I got all my data off one of my 1.5TB Seagates, and then installed Windows 7 64-bit on to that. The drive was originally a Dynamic Disk, which made things difficult from all aspects of getting data off it, to installing Windows. I think I'll steer clear of Dynamic Disks from now on. They just make life more difficult, not less!

I've been having some trouble for a while with my nVidia GTX 275, in that it's been defaulting to the VGA port, even if the screen connected was DVI. It's strange and has had me puzzled for a while now. But, during my recent OS installs, I have discovered that the fault does NOT lie in the GTX275 or the nVidia drivers, but in the Creative X-Fi Platinum drivers.
Whenever I install the X-Fi Platinum drivers, the video card switches off it's DVI port, and starts outputting to VGA! I've never seen anything like it before. Maybe the X-Fi has outlived it's purpose? Time will tell.

Most impressive of all though, my GTX275 has really been allowed to stretch it's legs! It's clear now that simply upgrading the video card in an old system is NOT going to be the quick fix I thought it was. Amazingly, I can now run Crysis at 1280x1024, and run EVERYTHING on "EXTRA" which is the highest that Crysis will go. I still get around 40-60 FPS!
Modern Warfare 2 is much the same. Before, while playing online I had to drop the Resolution and graphics quality in order to get a competitive framerate. Now I can run everything at maximum and still get 60FPS online! Must be time to buy a 24" LCD

Just for a laugh, I decided to jump in to Quake 2 and see what that was like! I think modern day browsers put more stress on a system than Q2 does! I was mostly surprised that it actually ran! I'd forgotten how good a game it is for brutal multiplayer! Can't wait to bring it out at our next LAN Party!

Finally, I am most impressed with the throughput of the RAID Array, especially when copying between that and the System 1.5TB drive. I can copy 300+mb files between the two without the file copy window even appearing, and 1GB folders copy in a matter of 1-2 seconds with the file copy window reporting transfer rates of up to 800MB/second (which I think is a calculation issue) and down to 200mb/second. I know that Windows 7 is reading the files to RAM and writing in the background, but still, funky!
I left DC++ running in the background overnight to hash my "linux isos", and the LEDs hardly even blinked even though it was hashing at a sustained throughput of about 100MB/second (limited by the single hashing thread using a full CPU core). Curious to see how it performs when being accessed by 10+ people at the same time.

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