Tuesday, July 20, 2010

NSW Mobile Speed Camera Locations Google Maps / Google Earth Mashup

Having seen the list of Mobile Speed Camera van locations in NSW I flicked through and noticed that there were a lot that applied to me. Specifically, to my upcoming trip to the Snowy Mountains. At first glance, Coming from Sydney, I found 4 possible camera sites along the trip in each direction!

Using Google Earth, I've taken all of these sites and put them on to the map of Earth. Then using the Directions tab, I was able to overlay our route to the snowy mountains on the same map with all of the camera locations, and I discovered another 3 sites!

That's 7 potential camera locations in a single direction of travel from Sydney, and the annoying thing is: we pass through Canberra for a while and they've got these bloody cameras too!

Grab yourself a copy of Google Earth and install it.
Then download the .kml file that I created by clicking here, then click on "Free Download" and wait 60 seconds for the file to download.

You should then be able to see all the camera locations (as of today) and overlay your path on to the map using the Directions Tab. Then skoot along the path and see where the cameras are.

I'm sure someone will come up with a better way of doing this, if you do - let me know and I'll link it here.

I make no claims that this is perfectly accurate, and you are of course responsible for your own actions if you are caught speeding! This is just a guide, don't rely on it as it's likely to change at any time!

Good luck!

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