Friday, October 29, 2010

Senator Stephen Conroy - You are still an idiot!


Senator Stephen Conroy has written a letter to the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) to "express my strong opposition to the introduction of a .XXX top level domain by ICANN, because of the lack of identified public benefit."

In a world where all of the Adult content was limited to a .xxx TLD (Top Level Domain) just like .com or, any and all ISPs would be able to give their customers an option to block traffic to these domains.
Businesses, Schools, Universities and Families would be able to choose whether their internet connection is permitted to resolve to an IP address.

Senator Conroy knows this, and is opposed to it for one very important reason:
It will effectively render his proposed National Broadband Filter useless!

We won't need Conroy and his band of goons to protect us from the bulk of the Internet's pornography via a Nation Filter. We'll be able to block it by simply clicking a button.

You'll probably find that most ISPs will block this content for their customers by default, and that you'll need to opt-in to .xxx content.

I am personally FOR the .xxx TLD because of the ease with which we can block pornographic content.

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